The Europa Summer House
  • europa summer house
The Europa Summer House.
Kits include Engineered stamps and all upgrades to meet Ontario Building code on all our larger buildings to give you a trouble free experience.
These Log Structures use kiln dried spruce logs milled to perfection that assemble like a puzzle. Each log is tongue & grooved with interlocking corners for easy stacking. Matching wood windows and doors are included and for multi room models, the interior wall also connect for added strength. Our interior doors are raising panel, sold core and enhance the beauty of the all wood interior.
The result, a beautiful building, all wood exterior & interior ready to enjoy 70mm wall include premium grade double glazed tilt & turn windows and doors with multi-locking hardware.
With EZ Log Kits it is great for transporting to remote areas and assembly is only a few days.
Great 3 season getaway, lots of room for friends and family.
Add a woodstove for a sledding week. Nice porch and extra room in the loft above.

NEW PEACOCK LOFTED CABIN 811 sq/ft coming Soon with many upgrades at the same great Price. Call for details 705-303-8553

776 sq/ft including porch.
20' x 31'.


includes 1 1/8'' floor boards, 2 3/4" wall logs and double thermal glass windows & doors.
(can be ordered without floor/call for pricing) This model can also be upgraded to 1,000 + square foot