The Montana Cabin
The Montana Cabin.
Made from Baltic spruce 47% stronger and tighter knots than north american spruce or pine.
-all pre-cut parts
-1 5/8" double tough wall logs
- double front doors
-2 way opening windows
-all hardware
-Interior Log Cabin look
-7'6;x13' covered deck with railing
-12'x13' interior room

Extras included-
-engineered stamped for Ontario building code ($700.00 value)
-upgrades to bring building up to Ontario codes ($400.00 value)
Total $1,100.00 Value
-window screen kits Available
Delivery and taxes extra.
With EZ Log Kits it is great for transporting to remote areas and assembly is only 2-3 days with 2 adults.

13'1" x 19'6".
Inside Space 139.1 Square Feet.
Front Porch Space 96.1 Square Feet.
Floor Boards 3/4" Thick.
Roof Boards 3/4" Thick.
Wall Height 85"
Wall Logs Size 1 5/8"