The Montana Cabin
The Montana Cabin.
INCL. One exterior double french door & 2 windows.
finished log interior.
engineered stamped plans and upgrades to meet Ontario building code.
ice and water roof covering.
all pre cut parts and hardware.
Assembly , delivery and taxes extra.
With EZ Log Kits it is great for transporting to remote areas and assembly is only 2-3 days with 2 adults.

13'1" x 19'6".
Inside Space 139.1 Square Feet.
Front Porch Space 96.1 Square Feet.
Floor Boards 3/4" Thick.
Roof Boards 3/4" Thick.
Wall Height 85"
Wall Logs Size 1 5/8"

Call for seasonal special pricing

($1,100.00 of extras included)