The Peacock Lofted Bunkie
  • Peacock Lofted Bunkie
Peacock Lofted Bunkie
-This Bunkie Kit has more Interior space on the base at 101.4 sq/ft compared to other lofted models on the market at Under 81 sq/ft                                                                               KIT INCLUDES
-ice & water roof covering ($200.00 Value )
-New Front Door has glass on top only & wood on bottom
-Double Hung side Window
-Double Hung Extra Large Front Window
All These Windows Will Give You A Great View Of The Lake and come with DOUBLE THERMAL GLASS
-3/4 T & G roof & floor boards
-40 mm Double Tough Wall Logs
-3' overhang for loft at back to keep ladder out of the way and make furniture fit better and give more room.
-Large Front Roof Overhang to stop rain and sun when sitting or Barbecuing in Porch Area.
-Building is wider and has Extra Wall Logs in Loft Area to give an extra 12" of head room upstairs. 3 - 4 adults or 6 kids can fit upstairs nicely.
These buildings are perfect to transport to remote areas and when your done not only does the outside look great but the interior has that small Log Cabin look and feel.

Because this Bunkie is 108 sq/ft Main Floor you will have no worries about Restrictions , Permits and Expensive Foundations.
Display model is set up to view and check out all the Features at our Temagami Store. along with 10 other units .  Order while supplies Last
Slide on Porch 75 SQ/FT -
Screen Kits -
Extra Side Wall Windows -
New Loft Venting Window
  • Peacock Lofted Bunkie

9'1" x 11'10" 108 sq/ft Main Floor -
6'4" x 11'10" 75 sq/ft Loft -
TOTAL 183 sq/ft
54''Loft Peak Hight

-Peacock Lofted Bunkie $8,995.00

-Caribou Bunkie 160 $10,995.00

75 sq/ft Slide On Porch can be added to both models.

Also Check Out the NEW for 2023 Under Permit CARIBOU BUNKIE 160 sq/ft main floor       11'10'' x 13'7''deep

Based on our Peacock Lofted Bunkie with 80 sq/ft loft and ladder in the back  

PLUS a 16'' loft height Exspansion kit can be added