The Tormes Cabin
The Tormes Cabin.

When these log buildings are assembled you can benefit from a beautiful exterior and a finished rustic log interior along with savings in labour cost.
These 17'x27' 70mm (2 3/4" ) 423 sq/ft pre-cut LOG KITS from Peacock Woodcraft come with 3 finished wood interior rooms [315 sq/ft] and upgraded double glass windows, upgraded floor and 2 3/4 wall logs .
It also has 2 interior doors, a double wide entry door with all hardware, 4 double windows, 1 single window and a 108 sq/ft covered deck with railing.

This Cabins come with:
- engineered stamps ($700.00 value )
-upgrades to meet Ontario building codes
-upgraded front door with glass !!! ($240.00 value)

[shipping and taxes extra]
Call for more Information 705-303-8553

Inside Space 315 Square Feet.
Front Porch 108 Square Feet.
Floor Boards 1 1/8" Thick.
Roof Boards 3/4' Thick.
Wall Height 86"
Wall Logs upgraded 2 3/4" (70mm)


2 3/4" (70mm) log Kit

The 40mm Log Standard Tormes without floor / Basic Kit